STFU & Embrace the Culture

These items are handmade in Ghana! Tasha Featherstone, owner of STFU, went to Ghana and connected with the local merchants to be able to bring authentic African products to you. Even the fabric used is from Ghana (a lot of fabric in Ghana is imported from Tanzania or other African countries). One of the local merchants, Vivian, started her business sewing the bags herself and selling them on the street. Once she had her child, she didn't have much time to create her bags. Her brother in law stepped in and took over sewing the bags to allow her to focus on selling and being a mother. Enjoy your items knowing you're supporting a small black owned business in Accra, Ghana and a small black owned business in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Afrocentric Collection

Although this collection doesn't come from Africa, we designed it with Africa in mind. The Afrocentric Collection started as limited edition STFU collection, but we decided the culture shouldn't be limited to Black History month. Now you can enjoy the collection year round!

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