About Us

Tasha Featherstone feeling confident.


STFU started because I was fed up.
As much as I smile and try to make others happy, I deal with managing my depression on a constant basis. Not wanting words to come out of my mouth or just wanting to lay in bed and silently cry all day. Wishing to not wake up...
I got "RES;L;ENT" tattooed by my chest a few years ago as a reminder that I've survived a lot and I can continue to survive. That I may not be as strong as I want to be, but I'm still here standing.
I carry a lot of shame for not standing up for myself in different situations. For constantly letting myself be taken advantage of by different people. For not having my own voice..
This is why STFU is so powerful to me. Cause it came at a time where I started to find my voice. Where I started to stand up for myself and speak up. Promising myself to never be silenced again.
Once you realize everyone has an opinion for or against whatever it is you want to do, you stop caring and “do you” unapologetically! It’s your life to live. Everyone should express their individuality freely. I want everyone to feel that type of confidence and power. We just want to be a tool for the movement.

The designs you find are going to be loud, bold, and unapologetic. Let us help you feel self-confident and make a major statement! You're living your best life and all the naysayers can STFU!




STFU Products:

  • Made to Order
  • Designs Stretch with Fabric
  • Fabric is Pre-shrunk
  • Dresses & Leggings are Hand Cut & Sewn after Printing
  • Leggings Material has a Four-Way Stretch



STFU is owned and operated by Tasha Featherstone.