Everyone's in Isolation Feeling the Same

Hurt appears more prevalent only because people look for ulterior motives in kindness.

Because pride gets in the way of people yelling about the blessing someone bestowed upon them.
But everyone will yell at the top of their lungs about who hurt them.

And now we have a platform for people to congregate in similar experiences. So it seems like everyone in the world is being hurt in some type of way. Which makes everyone closed off and leaves no one wanting to be vulnerable. It makes everyone feel like everyone is only out for themselves and we're all alone in the world. When the truth remains, we're stronger together.

I, personally, try not to live my life worrying about how the next person can cross me. I try to love openly and be vulnerable in my everyday life. And by vulnerable, I don't mean weak. I mean exposed. I get looked at crazy for the things I'm willing to do for people because OTHER PEOPLE feel I may get taken advantage of. That's not to say it doesn't happen. But I don't do for others to receive things for myself. God is going to bless me with more than any human can bless me with. So I don't fret the small sacrifices I make for others, whether appreciated or not.

Too many people are walking around with the mindset "what have THEY done for ME lately" but I always ask the question well what have YOU done to feel you warrant their help first? 🤔🤔
Cause they're sitting over on their end wondering the same thing!

If no one is gonna help someone til they're helped first, then no one will ever receive help. Which exactly why America is in the state it's in now. SMH

I say all this to say..
Don't base your love on how it may be received and don't base your actions on how it may be returned.

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