The story behind the Logo Collection

Our logo collection, featuring variations of our classic logo and brand name, is about embracing and loving yourself. It’s about being true to who you are no matter what other people say. Because no matter what you do in life, there are a group of people in support of what you’re doing and a group of people against what you’re doing. And for some reason, the group of people AGAINST what you’re doing, always seem to stand out more or have a louder voice than the people in support of your actions. So, we want to give you the tools to stand up for yourself confidently! We want to make sure you know it’s okay to speak up for yourself and voice how you feel. That it’s okay to be who you are and do what makes you happy. That even if others aren’t supporting you, WE’RE supporting you. So that you’ll always know somebody in the world has your back, and that’s STFU! If no one else in the world supports you doing you, we do.

We were aiming to make people feel confident from wearing this collection. And that’s exactly what we’ve accomplished. Receiving feedback from our customers about how they feel while wearing it and how they were treated, has let us know we did our job. Seeing a shy model break out of her shell because she’s modeling our brand, is rewarding in itself. We want everyone to recognize the power that they hold and how that power shines bright when they believe in themselves. A lot of us don’t realize how much confidence can make a difference in our lives. How we attract the things we want when we believe and truly feel we deserve them. A positive outlook on life will bring positive things to your life.

Our clothing will make you the center of attention everywhere you go without any effort. You can’t help but be seen when you’re wearing something as loud and vibrant as STFU! We’ve heard stories of customers being chased down to find out where they got their outfit from. Wondering why people were staring and being pleasantly surprised. We give you celebrity treatment without having to be a celebrity. Although we’re not Wal-Mart priced, we try to make it where everyone can afford something from our website. So everyone can know how it feels to be noticed. We help the unseen be seen. Whether you wear a complete outfit from us or mix and match it with other brands, somebody is bound to notice you!

In the logo collection, you will find eye-catching high top canvas sneakers, fitted tank style crop tops, soft and comfortable hoodies, your next favorite t-shirt, the most comfortable pair of leggings you’ll have in your closet, the duffel bag everybody will want to steal from you, and many more items you’ll love! If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you’re already behind the curve! You can choose from our classic logo, ice blue logo, electric purple logo, afrocentric logo, a blend of them all, and more. We plan to have more color options in the future, but we think we have a nice mix currently. Check out the collection and see for yourself! Don’t forget to check out the other collections while you’re at it!